Monday, February 4, 2008

Tour of California Prologue--Any Swifties Going?

The Tour of California starts Feb. 17 with a prologue in Palo Alto at 1 pm. There's also a crit in Santa Rosa that day, but the junior races are early enough that people could probably do both if they want. Josef is. Anyone else? Who wants to meet up at the prologue?


Anonymous said...

Eric & Tyler will be there.

Scott Nygaard said...

Great! Joey and I will too. I was thinking it might be nice to ride in from somewhere like Canada Rd. We could maybe meet there at 11 or 12 or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Zach Sargent. I will be there with a few friends. We plan to be cruizing around the bus's around 10 or 11 then getting a nice spot on the finish or start before 1pm.