Monday, March 31, 2008

Copperopolis Results

Christian Villasana: Junior 10-12: 3rd

Ryan Grant: Junior 10-12: 4th

Tyler Brandt
: Mens Cat 3: 5th

Josef Nygaard
: Junior 13-14: 7th

Stanley Goto
: Junior 13-14: 15th

Brentley Campbell: Junior 15-16: 17th

Zach Sargent: Junior 15-16: 18th

More photos at AbbiOrca

All Team Ride, April 6

All Team Ride—April 6th in Petaluma

Parents and friends are invited to join the ride and all youth under the age of 12 are required to have a participating parent or guardian in attendance. For those not current registered members of Team Swift you need to bring a signed waiver and release to join the ride which can be found at Be sure to read the Team Swift Riding Rules below so you come prepared.

  • All Team Ride is April 6, 2008
  • 10 AM at Bici Sport in Petaluma
  • Ride Leaders: Coach Laura Charameda and Andrew Christensen. Parents are invited to join the ride and must abide by the Team Swift Ride Rules.
  • Skill Level: All levels invited. Riders under 12 years old must have a riding parent in attendance.
  • The ride will be between 2-2.5 hours.
  • Heavy Rain will cancel the ride but not if it is just light rain.

The All-Team Ride is a chance for all levels of riders to learn cycling skills and start a ride together. Team Swift Alumni members, rider assistants, are also often on these rides which gives upcoming riders a chance to learn from their experience. Parents and supporters of Team Swift are welcome to join as well. We will start together and then break into different groups depending on skill level. There will be a coach and/or parent with each group. The ride will be approximately 2.0-2.5 hours depending on skill level and age.

Directions from 101 southbound.

Exit East Washington Street west (right) towards downtown Petaluma

Drive East Washington to downtown and cross Petaluma Blvd. ,

After Petaluma Blvd , take a left at Keller (you will pass Kentucky st but it is one way)

(There is a parking garage on Keller with 10 hour parking on the top two floors but if you have a bike on a roof rack it won't be too good.)

First Left on Western Ave

First left at stop light onto Kentucky

Bici Sport is on the left hand side across the street from Coperfields books.

Northbound 101:

Exit Petaluma Blvd South

Take Petaluma Blvd to downtown

Left onto Western Ave at stoplight

First Right onto Kentucky

Bici Sport is on the left hand side across the street from Copperfields books.

Parking: Available on side streets. No time limit on Sunday’s

Bici Sport

139 Kentucky St
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 775-4676

Get directions - More information

Team Swift Contact:

Laura Charameda: or

P.O. Box 103

Fulton , CA 95439

t. (707) 579-5325

c. (707)843-9056

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chainring and Cassette for Sale

I have a 52 tooth FSA Pro Chainring ( black) 130mm bolt pattern, and a 12-25 Shimano 105 10sp cassette (brand new taken off my bike due to junior gearing), I was wondering if anyone could use it. The Chainring was put on my bike, but didn't work, so i need to find a way to sell it. It is normally 50 so i will sell it for 30. If someone is interested in the cassette they can email me

Thank you,

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Anyone going to Copperopolis this weekend?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Memorial Ride for Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson

From the Roaring Mouse and Third Pillar Racing teams:

Team Roaring Mouse Cycles and Third Pillar Racing Team are holding a joint memorial ride this Saturday March 15th, to honor the lives of Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson, our two teammates killed on Steven's Creek Canyon last Sunday while on a training ride. We welcome friends, family, fellow cyclists and all those whose lives have been touched by Matt and Kristy. Our ride will include a visit to the site of the crash site for those to share their memories.

When: Saturday, March 15th

Where: Leaving from Foothill College
12345 El Monte Road,
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Google map to location:

**We kindly request you do NOT drive out to the crash site during this time, as we need to keep cars to a minimum in the area, given the road conditions.

Time: Meet at 2:30pm, ride by 3pm

Length: 30-45 minutes to the crash site. Base pace (ie, mellow). No drop.

Start @ Foothill College (Parking Lot #1, near the football stadium; see link above for map)

- Left on El Monte
- Right on Foothill Expressway
- Continue on Steven's Creek Canyon
- Return

Route directions via Google:

**Press are welcome to attend, however we request respect during our ride. It would mean the most to us if press were to accompany us on their bikes, as we are all cyclists this week.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snelling Race Reports

Snelling Road Race
February 23, 2008

Ryan Eastman
8th Place, Cat 3
I was really excited for this race because it was to be the first road race of the season. I wasn't sure if I was going to be doing the juniors or the cat 3 race because the cat 3's field limit was full. I got to the race early in the morning and just squeezed in to the field of 100 riders. It was a 5 lap 65mile race. Ethan and I road through the neutral section of the race for only a few miles and then the race began. A few guys got off the front and there was a nice large gap between them and me and the pack, so I decided to bridge the gap to open up my legs. It felt nice to get going. The rest of the field came rolling right up on our wheels. A while later, still on the first lap, a new break started to form. It was a large one of 12 riders strong, including Ethan and me. We all started to form a paceline realizing we had the gap. It was perfect just enough riders to be able to stay away for the remanded of the race. Coming around through the first of 5 laps, I saw my dad along side the road smiling at him with joy. As we got further and further into the race the other riders in the break started to not cooperate, I have no clue why. Didn't they want to win I thought to my self. Then it happened, some guy riding like a jerk wobbled around and clipped Ethan's wheel. Ethan started in slow motion, it seemed, tipping over until crash he and Charlie Avis (Team Specialized Juniors) went don with a thud. I was directly behind them and played it cool and swerved around them into the mud, staying on my bike the whole time. Few I thought but still worrying about Ethan. It was a very strong head wind, and the break had a good 30 seconds on me. I new I couldn't bridge that by my self, so I slowly road awaiting Charlie to get up because I new he was very strong. He got up and road up to me and said lets go. Him and I just put our heads down and took about ten second pulls. We rode through on to our third lap with everyone cheering us on.

We hit the right hand corner and finally faced that nice tail wind. Charlie took a very long pull, and we were reaching them. I just really wanted to get back up there so I came around him for my turn to pull and just drilled it for a nice long pull. We were now back in that break. That was a close one! It seemed that every time we got to that back section with the head wind, nobody wanted to take a pull. They were all just looking around for someone else to do it for them, so I went up front a lot. It was hard; Charlie and I had to organize the paceline basically the whole race. We came through for the last time until the finish for our fifth and final lap. I was now starting to think a little about the win, and thinking this is definitely possible to do. My legs were feeling great. The lead motor was giving us the time gaps, so coming around through the back section we new that this break away would succeed. The other riders decided then that they didn't have to work as hard now, so I took quite a few pulls to keep it going without killing my self before the finish. Some of these riders were riding like sissy with the exception of a few riders. I don't like that. Charlie believed that him and I could get away with about 3k to go so I went with him on my wheel then shortly after he came around tacking a pull but they were right on us. Then with about 11/2k to go a guy went off the front I thought that he would get caught, I mean how could all of there guys let him go after all of this. That gap was slowly getting bigger. One guy even said 'well there goes first place' I thought to my self what are these guys thinking, there riding like sissy men, I want to win and I went with 1k to go took the right hand bend leading to the short slightly uphill finish. They caught my and came up to my wheel. A few guys passed me and I came in 8th place across the line. I almost caught the guy he got us by now only about 4 seconds. After the race I was happy with how I race did and did not at all regret going with 1k to go, sacrificing 2nd place. I was not racing for 2nd place I was racing for the win. You got to risk it to win it.
--Ryan Eastman

Joey Nygaard
3rd place, Junior 13-14
The day before the race my teammate Christian and I drove up together and arrived in time to ride the course a couple times before it got dark. In the morning we caravanned up to the registration area. After warming up all the 13-14s went to the start line, but right before the start some guy got a flat and we had to wait for him to change it. On the whistle we started out on the 3-mile promenade behind the neutral support car. When we got to the course the car pulled off and we started to ramp up the pace. Right away we were pushing a 30-mph pace line, I got slightly dropped on a small rise and had to chase back on the descent. The whole first lap I was barely hanging on to the lead pack of 5, but on the second and last lap I got my legs back and was able to stay with the group until the final sprint. I pulled ahead of one of the riders in my group but could not catch Marcus Smith and Alexander Freund. In the boys 13-14 race I made my first point-series podium of the year (even though they had no actual podium), and I earned my first points toward a Cat 3 upgrade.
Joey Nygaard

Christian Villasana
Junior 13-14
This year was my first year at Snelling. It started with Joey, Anne, my Dad, and me going to Merced at about 11 am the day before Snelling. We stayed at the Vagabond Inn Merced. We got there at around 1 or 1:30. Ryan Grant arrived at like 8:30 and Stanley at 9:15. Joey and I had the chance to pre-ride the course, so we did. I didn’t think Joey would have a problem, and I knew I would be fine if I could power up the rollers. That night Joey and I were supposed to have dinner, but he and his mom wanted to eat early so instead we went to DiAngelos with my dad’s teammates. There were about 22-25 of his teammates present. It ended up being the right choice because we saw some of the Team High Road girls there. Since I had gone to the Team High Road presentation I had a folder with all the Team High Road bios. So I went to the car to pick up the folder so I could get their autographs. I wasn’t sure who was there and they realized I had the bios with and one of them followed me back to my table and pulled all the bios of the girls who were there. It was pretty cool. Team Roaring mouse (my dad’s teammates) were impressed that I got their autographs. The next day was Snelling. I got there at about quarter to seven. I wanted to make sure I got a good warm up. When we started to line up everybody started to get cold because it took a while to get everyone else started. Plus right before our start a Tieni Duro guy rolled on something, got a flat and had to change his tube!!!!!! We had to wait for him and my legs started to get cold. Half way through the promenade lap, the field started to split up a bit. I got stuck in a group with David Tisdell and two other Easton Specialized kids. After awhile I got dropped (I guess I didn’t warm up well enough because I got cold). The backside of the course was REALLY windy!!!!! I was only able to average 13mph on the backside. On the last lap, as you get closer to the bumpy section the wind started to ease up a little so I was able to go faster. One of the kids from my original group had dropped off and I caught him. We started to work together and I took the first pull. I was only going 16mph and he asked me to slow it down, I finally flicked my elbow and he pulled through. He was only going 11mph, so I decided to drop him. After that, I ate one of my GU’s and trudged on. Right before the bottom of one of the rollers I saw David Tisdell sitting at the side of the road. At first I thought he crashed. So I yelled ahead and asked if he was okay. He said he was but he had a loose cassette so I charged on. After eating my other Clif Shot. I turned onto the bumpy section. There were very few smooth sections, but the left side of the road proved promising. Before the last turn, I heard a truck behind me. And my dad yelling at me from it. I started to go harder, I turned then I started my sprint. At the end I clocked my self at 1hr and 51min. and I averaged about 17mph. I didn’t as well as I had hoped, but I finished strong and I was happy about that. This was my first real road race, but I hope to do better next year.

Norlund Crit Race Reports

Norlund Construction Criterium
February 17, 2008

Joey Nygaard
1st place, 10-14 year olds
In the freezing half light of the morning the race started at a slow easy pace. Three of my teammates and I started a pace-line, but after a couple laps one of the other racers that was not on Team Swift came up behind us and attempted to continue right past us. We immediately got on his wheel. On the last lap my teammate Stanley attacked before the last turn and I got on his wheel, but our other two teammates got dropped. Stanley led into the sprint, and I came past
Stanley and took the win.

After the race we stuck around to watch the 15-18 race and to hang out with other Swifties. Team Swift won all the juniors races and claimed the first three places of the 10-12 age group, and the 15-16 division. Good racing Swifties!!! Then we left to go watch the Tour of California prologue in Palo Alto.
Joey Nygaard

Nick Kinney
3rd Place, 17-18 year olds
The race started with a pretty small field. As soon as the whistle was blown Tyler hit the front and ramped up the pace. Maybe 10 minutes in Tyler attacked and blew apart the field of 6. Ethan and Ryan bridged across and Brentley, Greg from Colavita and me began taking turns at the front. At one point the gap was less than 10 seconds at which time Brentley and I stopped working not wanting to give Greg opportunity to bridge up. Brentley then attacked trying to bridge up but looked back to see Greg on his wheel and I on Greg's. A few laps later Greg all but gave up the chase resolved to fighting it out for 4th overall and 3rd in the 17/18. Ethan, Tyler and Ryan soon came and lapped us with maybe 4 laps to go and Greg, Brentley and I latched on. After taking a pull Brentley fell off the back and on the last lap I was on Greg's wheel waiting for the sprint. Around the final corner Ryan sprinted to the front taking the win ahead of Ethan and Tyler. In the sprint I out kicked Greg. Team Swift swept the 17/18 podium and took 1st and second in the 15/16.
Nick Kinney

Christian Villasana
Juniors 10-14
It was a misty morning in Santa Rosa, but I got a good warm up. I had been on the trainer for 30min. and I was ready to go. There were a total of seven riders at the line that included my teammates Joey, Ryan, and Stanley. When we started I was able to clip in quickly and so did the other Swifties. Wed started a pace line and after a couple laps we had dropped three people. But one was able to bridge back to us. And he went straight to the front. And we were happy to let him work. He pulled for virtually the whole race. On the bell lap, the kid attacked and I bridged back to him and Stanley, Joey, and Ryan were behind me. Right before the last corner Joey and Stanley planned to attack and they did. When they jumped they got a gap and I couldn’t catch them. At the finish it was Joey, Stanley, me, and the kid managed to beat Ryan at the line. It was too bad because it would have been cool to have 1-4 all Swifties.

Christina Villasana
Elite 5
The plan was for me to stick on the back for as long as I could. So I lined up in the back of the group. But then they called juniors to the front for rollout so I took a spot at the front. The race started and I made the mistake of letting the group go by me to get to the back. By the time I realized that the group passed me, I was already chasing. So the lesson was that I should the group gradually pass me. I stayed in the race for another three or four laps before I got pulled. But when I looked at the results they had me at 38th place. Which was cool, no DNF for me. Next fives race I plan to stay with the group for one whole lap.

Check out these photos.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cherry Pie Race Reports

Stanley Goto
1st Place, Junior 10-12 years old
All winter I was waiting for the Cherry Pie Criterium to come along and I was very confident going in to it because I was training more seriously than before. The day before the race the Warriors were playing an exciting basketball game on TV but I had to get to bed early so I could be well rested before Cherry. This year I got to the race an hour early (last year I got to the race just 15 minutes before the start.) When I was warming up on my trainer I felt great.

The first lap everyone was just taking it easy. The next lap Marcus and Chris made a half attack to the top of the hill but nothing to drop anyone. A couple laps later I was still with the lead group then Alexander made an attack on the descent and I was able to hang on. The field of about 30 was down to 15 in the lead pack. On the next lap I was going down the hill in third position. Joey and Alexander were ahead of me. On the flats Alexander attacked. Joey and I were clawing to get back to the group. When we crested the hill we were at the back of a small group. Joey and I worked together and barely got back on. (Without his help I might not have caught the leaders so I owe him one) On the bell lap I was getting in good position for the final turn. Coming out of that turn I saw my rival Dillon Drummond fall back. He dropped his chain. After that I was almost certain I would win the 10-12's as we were the only 12s left in with the 13-14s but I was still going to fight for a good overall spot. I did OK in the sprint, finishing about in the middle of the pack. I was happy with that because last year I didn’t out sprint anybody.

After this race it gave me confidence to go to Snelling because I knew I wouldn’t get trashed by the 13-14's. The win was great (also the pie) but I didn’t beat my rival straight up so it felt unsatisfying. I’ll meet him again at Snelling. After my race I cheered on Tyler, Ryan, Ethan and the rest of my big brother teammates in the 15-18 and cat3 races. It made me feel great to be on such an awesome team.

Tyler Brandt
4th Place Junior 17-18 year old
The first race of the season, there is always so much anticipation. Having trained hard throughout the winter months and the countless hours spent trudging through wind and rain seem to culminate into one afternoon, one test. Or rather for the juniors it is always a brisk morning of expectation. Of course there is a whole year of racing to follow, but it seems that the first race of the season sets some sort of tone. Every ‘big name rider’ from the juniors tends to show up to the first big race and it is some sort of trial. We all see each other and wonder who has really gone out and rode their bikes day in and day out from November until now. The butterflies build on the starting line and it seems that we stand there for an eternity. Then bang, another season begins, the butterflies are gone and once again were on the road. I love that aching in my legs and the loss of breath, the crashes, the attacks and the final sprint. There is no other sport that can compare to a bicycle race.

My season began at Cherry Pie Criterium in Napa. My race started at a cruel 8:30 in the morning, but that is just the way it is for the juniors races. It was exciting to see so many riders from Team Swift at the race and it was great to get everyone together to warm up and get ready for the race. I got to the starting line ready to go and then we were off. I was first through the first corner and ready to pound up the tempo. The first few laps of the race were an absolute blast. Ethan, Ryan and I tore it up on the front and had some fun attacking and countering. It was then about time to settle down and get ready for the real moves to go. Prime lap, Ethan attacked at the bottom of the hill, he looked good. I sat and watched the sprint for the prime and then bang that was the break. Immediately I was chasing it down. I should have gotten into it instead of watching them go. My mistake. The next few laps were a strong chase. Not many teams felt like working though. Swift on the front not wanting to let the race go. Then they were gone. It was a sprint for 4th. Ethan started the final lap on the front in an attempt to lead out Ryan for the win in the 15-16. Not all worked to plan, but it was a fun race. I sprinted hard at the end, but was dissatisfied to get beat by some 15-16’s in the sprint.

I feel like as a whole Swift rode very strong. We passed the test and everyone rode very well. Some tactical mishaps led to a no win outing, but that can be fixed. It was great to see that we were all on form. The first few laps of the race I could see that we are going to have an exciting year.

Tyler Brandt
4th Place, Elite 3
The second race of the year. The sun came out. It was the beginning of a magnificent day. We hit the line with a good warm up in the legs after a hard junior’s race. Once again I was first off the line, but I sat up a little so that I would not have to pull. I jumped in about 5th wheel. My own little sweet spot. The race was mostly a blur for the greater part of it. As the laps began to count down I got into good position for a prime. A few other AMD juniors set out a great lead out for the prime and I sat on and Ryan and I sprinted in for the prime, which I won over my teammate with a bike throw. Once again I found my sweet spot and just settled in for the race. It was not much of a blistering pace, but the hill hurt. I did not remember it being such a big hill. It can wear you down. The last few laps there were some crashes on the backside. That got the adrenaline going. There’s nothing like the chance of hit the floor any moment. For me the key is knowing that you’re not going to be the one that goes down. No matter what happens, I am going to stay upright is how I like to think. I know that is not always the case as I have in fact crashed before, but I feel that being strong mentally through the nail biting parts of races is the means by which you can stay upright.

So I made it through the last few laps and I got pushed back a ways with 2 to go. I began to make my way back up to the front and I was into good position as we hit the hill for the final time. Of course we were spread across the entirety of the road so it was difficult to move through, but I managed to squeeze through the field. I like going through the middle of the field, it seems to save a lot of the energy wasted that involves going out on the outside and fighting the wind. I was there for the sprint and I gave it a good kick. I felt good and I think that if I could have found some more room then I could have pulled it off, but alas I did not. I almost got into 3rd and earned a pie, but another 4th was the final answer. Two races, 0 pies. 1 place higher in each and I would have gotten one. I guess if I don’t eat too much pie then I won’t get that unwanted weight, so the less pie the better I suppose. I felt good though and it was exciting to see that I still matched up with everyone and all of the work that I put in during the winter was successful. Now I need to improve my tactics and get that badly needed/wanted win. I am done with the top 5’s and as in the words of Ricky Bobby “If your not first, your last” and then there are the words of Vince Lombardi; “If you lose, your out of the family” So it is time to get that win!

Zach Sargent,
Junior 15-16
The race started off on a short downhill. I got bad positioning and was placed near the back. The first half-mile was fast and the pack was dropping people off the back left and right. I ended up in a chase pack with about 15 others including one of our teammates (Nick). Most of the time we just sat in awhile a few Davis riders pulled us. Nobody was working together so the pack would split up then regroup. As more riders where dropped off of the main pack, they joined up with us building our chase pack up to about 25-27 riders. My teammates John and Nick took over the front and launched a small attack. I put on an attack myself to catch them and help them work for a sprint. By this time we were on about 3 laps to go. I caught John and Nick and lead them for about half a lap just enough to get Nick into the front of our pack for a 2nd place finish. I ended up 28 overall in the entire field including the 17-18 juniors. For my first race of the season and recovering from a cold I was pleased with my results

Thanks! I had so much fun. It was great having two other of my good Swift friends in my pack. I was able to help them out for the sprint.

Joey Nygaard
9th place, Junior 13-14
Early in the morning we drove to the 1st big race of the year to find already a big line at the registration booth. The race started fast and I got a terrible start but managed to make it up to the front of the group. After the first climb I decided I wasn’t feeling my best but decided to make the best out of it by helping my teammate Stanley who was looking great on every climb. With two laps to go I was second over the top of the climb with Stanley on my wheel. But on the back side of the course Alexander Freund attacked and I almost got dropped (which shows you how bad I was feeling). After that I just tried to hang in there till the finish. Just BEFORE the climb I got dropped and had to struggle across the line to slot in at 9th.The best part of the day was that Stanley won his race!!!! Great job Stanley!

John Piasta
Juniors 15-16
The day of my first race started out very stressfully. I walked into the kitchen and my parents were not there, they lost track of time and thought the race was thirty minutes later. They quickly got ready and we packed the car. My cousin drove me and helped me relax, but I still could not keep my eyes off the clock, watching if we would make it on time. Luckily, we made it right on time and I was excited.

got a great warm up in with Ryan, Tyler, Nick and Ethan. As I got to the start line the nerves started kicking in. Since it was my first race I did not know how races started. Before I knew it the whistle blew and everyone exploded. Wow, I was not prepared for a start that fast. So my reactions took over and I sprinted, however I knew it would not be easy because I was told how important it was to get to the front. Well I worked with what I got, and sat in. After the first couple of laps the riders ahead of me started breaking away from the pack and slowly the gap was growing. I was annoyed and decided to sprint and try to get back into the pack, so I pulled for about a lap and then the people behind me started falling back and before I knew the pack of near ten to fifteen riders slimmed out to three. Then my legs started to burn and I could not go much faster.

After realizing that I was not going to catch the main group, I sat in. Before I knew it Nick flew by me, I grabbed his wheel, and we worked together the next couple of laps and then I had crossed the finish line. My first race was a great learning experience. I learned how races work and what to do better next time. I appreciate all the help that my teammates gave me and I cannot wait to race again.

Ryan Eastman
Juniors 15-16
First race of the season, finally hear. Winter training was long and I am glad it is now finally time to race. Ethan and I got to the race around seven to get registered and warmed up. It was awesome when we were warming up doing our pyramids there was a pretty big sized group of swifties, it was nice to see that a lot of the team came out on this beautiful day. We stripped our leg warmers and headed to the start line. It was a considerable large size field for the juniors. The whistle blew and Tyler and I kicked it off with an easy sprint to the front of the group. In front where I like to be, perfect. Tyler Ethan and I started off the race controlling it completely, with a few accelerations here and there. It felt awesome to be out front felling strong controlling the race to start. This went on for a while until a prime lap came up and there was an attack on the hill and the field stretched and a group of about three got away. They were all 17-18's. The race continued on with a nice hard pace. Three laps to go now and I started to visualize the finish a bit in the back of my mind. I sat in a little more now maybe a little too much; the bell lap came around now. Through the final corner I went sitting on Ethan and Tyler’s wheels, we got all mumbo-jumboed up and we were separated. Heading up the final time up this hill I sat back further than I wanted to be, in the sprint I decided that I did not want to get tenth place so I noticed a tight gap between two riders and took it. Flying past them getting as skinny as possible was actually sort of fun. I crossed the line missing out on fifth by half a wheel. Sixth well I guess that is all right, I would have liked to have done better but I am very happy with the way I raced through the whole race. It was an awesome race and now I have to rest up a bit and wait for my second race of the day, the Cat 3s. Congratulations to Stanley Goto for a fantastic win in the Juniors 10-12s. Great Job man.

Ryan Eastman
Cat 3
After a quick Clif Shot it was time now for the Cat 3 race. Headed up to the start and got a sweet spot right in front. As Tyler and I did in the Juniors we were right out front leading through the first corner. My plan for this race was more simple just stay at the front without working too hard. This was easy to do, pull through and let the next guy come around and get back into place. I was feeling very good conserving all of my energy. I really wanted to get going though. There was an attack and he was staying out there for a while I road up to Caption Tyler and asked him if he wanted me to bring him back in. He said not to and conserve my energy. which was a very good thing because when we came to the hill him and a guy chasing him down got caught and got pushed back deeper than I would have wanted to go in the pack. That’s why I love having my older more experienced team mates racing along side me. It was cool we were ripping it up together. There was a prime coming up, and Joel and Edon were coming up along the right side of the field for the sprint, Tyler and I quickly jumped on there wheels and got a slingshot for the line I went first, on the left and then two seconds later Tyler went on the right. I eased up and Tyler won the prime, I did this for a reason so if there were any attacks I could cover them therefore helping out my team mate. The finish seemed to come so fast and Tyler moved up into a good position for the sprint, with me trying to follow. I was a bit further back than him I sprinted by quite a few people with Tyler coming in 4th and myself shortly after in 12th. It was a good day. It was fun coming up that hill and then facing that 180 degree u-turn at the top, still doing 20mph, I think I won the contest of the day for who came around that the lowest!