Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nationals U-23 and 17-18 RR

Lindsay Myers was 2nd in yesterday's U-23 Women's Road Race and has already received a grant from US Women's Cycling Development, who is flying her out to the Tour of Missouri!

Tyler Brandt had a strong 11th place in the 17-18 Road Race today, finishing 4th in the field sprint, which finished about 45 seconds behind a break of 7.

All in all a pretty amazing Nationals for Team Swift and Dewars Racing.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Nationals Road Race

The day was going so well, until . . .

The last race of the day, when RR favorite Ryan Eastman crashed on the first lap and broke his collarbone in the 15-16 Road Race.

The day started with a 10th place by Stanley Goto in the 10-12 Road Race and a 15th place by Joey Nygaard in the 13-14 Road Race, where he sprinted with the lead group on the finishing climb and ended up just 5 places behind 5-time National Champion John Funk.

Then Ashlyn Gerber got her first podium spot of this year's Nationals with a 5th place in the Women's 15-16 Road Race. Guess she can't say he isn't a climber anymore.

The course seemed perfect for Ryan, with a long gradual finishing climb and a bit of climbing on each lap, but the 15-16 race was filled with crashes, taking out many of Northern California's best, including James LaBerge, Joel Shaffer, and Zach Wick.

Nationals Criterium

Ryan Eastman finished on the podium in 3rd in this year's Nationals 15-16 Criterium!
That's two races and two podiums for Ryan.
Ashlyn Gerber finished just off the podium in 6th in the Women's 15-16 Crit.
Stanley Goto finished in 9th after a long, tiring chase back to the pack after a crash in the 10-12 Crit.
Joey Nygaard finished in the pack (35th) in the 13-14 Crit, as did Tyler Brandt (51st) in the 17-18 Crit.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Junior Nationals TT

Team Swift podiumed twice at the Junior Nationals TT! Ryan Eastman was 5th in the 15-16 race and Stanley Goto was 4th in the 13-14s.

In addition, Ashlyn Gerber was 7th in the Women's 15-16 TT; Josef Nygaard was 20th in a closely fought 13-14 TT (the first 3 places were separated by just .5 sec) and Josef finished just 1:33 behind the winner; Ethan Weiss finished 25th in the 17-18 TT; and Tyler Brandt was 52nd in the 17-18 TT.