Monday, June 23, 2008

Rides to Gold Nugget?

I am going to gold nugget, and was wondering if there is any room for me in the car/cars?
Sam Bassetti

Mt. Diablo Hill Climb

New Swiftie Griffin Wigert won his first bike race yesterday in the 10-12 division of the Mt. Diablo Hill Climb. Swifties took first, third, and fourth in the 10-12s.

Mt. Diablo Hill Climb: Team Swift Results

Junior 10-12
1st, Griffin Wigert
3rd, Stanley Goto
4th, Ryan Grant

Junior 13-14
6th, Joey Nygaard

This was the last race in the Junior Points Series and awards were handed out after the race. Joey Nygaard was so surprised to hear that he'd gotten 5th place that he had no Team Swift gear nearby when he was brought up to the podium. At least he remembered to take his helmet office (notice object behind left foot).
Memo to TS racers and parents: always keep a TS vest in your back pocket when watching podiums.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tour of Ohio, Stage 3


1 Matt Winstead (Inferno Racing) 2.45.35
2 Ryan Knapp (Alderfer Bergen) 0.10
3 John Minturn (Empire Cycling/ Crca)
4 Derek Laan (Turin/Barker+Nestor) 0.20
5 Jered Gruber (Cyclesafe.Org)
6 Ryan Eastman (Team Swift)
7 David Duncan (Cyclesafe.Org) 0.20
8 Joe Kukolla (Nuvo Cultural Trail)
9 Alejandro Padilla (Nashvillecyclist.Com P/B Bike Pedlar)
10 Sebastion Sinisterra (Myogenesis.Com)
11 Eric Murphy (Myogenesis.Com)
12 J Gabriel Lloyd (Team Alliance Environmental)
13 Tyler Hawes (Laketraining.Com/Stockman Oil)
14 Johnathan Atkeison (Haymarket Cycles P/B Function Drinks)
15 Dewey Dickey (Mercy Specialized / Iowa City Cycling Club)
16 Ethan Weiss (Team Swift)

Tyler flatted and had to chase for 30 miles- bummer.

Ryan got 6th again on stage 4!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nationals Lodging, etc.

Jr. 10-16 RR course

Team Swift will be staying at the Extended Stay in Lake Forest, CA.

Extended StayAmerica Orange County - Lake Forest
20251 Lake Forest Dr.
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Telephone: (949) 598-1898
Fax: (949) 598-1893

Here's a link to a map of the various locations put together by Eric Brandt.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tour of Ohio, Stage 1

Tour of Ohio
stage 1 report

The boys were off and running quickly today. We were planning on sleeping in pretty good today, with the race not starting until 6, but Eric Z called me at 8:30 and informed me that the dining hall would only be serving breakfast until 9. I quickly woke the boys and we headed over to eat. Ethan and Tyler are getting a little taste of what college will be like next year when they head off to school. After they ate, they took a little roll around ride while Eric slept a little more to catch up on the sleep he missed flying out yesterday (after racing at Nevada City the day before- ouch). We ate lunch in town, the boys played Frisbee all over the dorm, and at 3:30 we headed to the race. This whole dorm building is full of racers, so it's a nice atmosphere.

Since very little was available online about this race, we didn't know what to expect, but when we got to the start, there was a clear race bible, a nice downtown course and big expo with food/ music and lots of spectators. There is a big organized touring ride staying in town today as well, so many of the spectators were part of the recumbent, bike touring crowd. They were impressed with the speed of the crit, as were the boys. The course was only barely a half mile and the 122 man field strung out about a third of a lap very quickly. Since the officials cut many riders, but still gave them the time of the field, there was no real incentive to stay in the race if you were not going to get a top three spot and the time bonuses. The boys decided that no matter where they finished the whole field would be in 4th place, so they are all claiming to be in fourth. Ryan did point out that it's a bummer for the rider who actually got 4th, because none of them finished the race, and they all have the same time. When the race finally started the field shattered quickly and riders were pulled almost faster than what usually happens at Nevada City. Eric Z made it about ten laps, Ethan and Ryan about 15 and Tyler 21 laps before they were pulled and ready to eat dinner.

Tomorrows 64 mile road race should be more fun for them, and they’ll have to complete the whole course! We had nice cool weather today- felt like home, and it doesn’t sound like it will be too hot or humid this week- one less thing to worry about.
Reports from the boys to follow- they are safely tucked into bed now.

Dad, mechanic, feeder, logistical coordinator, driver, and general chaperone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nevada City Results

Results for TS and FoTS (Friends of Team Swift)

1st: Lindsay Myers (Dewars), Womens 3-4
2nd: Scott Nydam (BMC), Pro 1-2
2nd: Joey Nygaard (Team Swift), Junior 13-14
5th, Christopher Flanagan (Team Swift), Junior 15-16
6th: Steven Cozza (Slipstream/Chipotle, former TS), Pro 1-2
7th: Zach Sargent (Team Swift), Junior 15-16

Lots of great photos at

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gold Nugget Stage Race

HI Team Swift,

Quite a few riders are car pooling down to the Gold Nugget Stage Race on June 27-29.

Rooms fill up pretty fast at this time of year, since it's basically Yosemite.
Scott and Joey Nygaard are staying at the Super 8 in Mariposa: phone: 209-966-4288

The link and race information is below.

You should register early so they know riders are coming.
Coach Laura

Gold Nugget Stage Race Info (pdf)


Friday, June 13, 2008

Nationals Info

The schedule and course maps are finally up for Nationals.