Friday, August 8, 2008

Nationals Road Race

The day was going so well, until . . .

The last race of the day, when RR favorite Ryan Eastman crashed on the first lap and broke his collarbone in the 15-16 Road Race.

The day started with a 10th place by Stanley Goto in the 10-12 Road Race and a 15th place by Joey Nygaard in the 13-14 Road Race, where he sprinted with the lead group on the finishing climb and ended up just 5 places behind 5-time National Champion John Funk.

Then Ashlyn Gerber got her first podium spot of this year's Nationals with a 5th place in the Women's 15-16 Road Race. Guess she can't say he isn't a climber anymore.

The course seemed perfect for Ryan, with a long gradual finishing climb and a bit of climbing on each lap, but the 15-16 race was filled with crashes, taking out many of Northern California's best, including James LaBerge, Joel Shaffer, and Zach Wick.

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